Multis E Genitbus Vires (“From Many Peoples Strength”)

A small printed motto you will find in our logo. To us it means beer is supposed to be enjoyed by the many and not to be brewed weak. We cherish our bold brand and refreshing flavor so we hope you enjoy that heritage too!

Scottsdale, Arizona is our hometown and 2012 is when our first batch of Saison hit the streets. Our promise is to continuing suiting new brewing traditions that meet our southwestern style. We work with brewers and factories all over the country as it allows us to blend our style and brewing vantage point for results that can’t be found anywhere else.

Bad Water is beer in every literal, figurative and charismatic sense. It was our mission to culture a brewing company that fit between the lines and there is no other brand in the market like it.

Our flagship Saison is the most complex within our lineup. French for “Season” is also a Belgian beer typically brewed in artisan style farmhouses. In general Saison Ale is an expression of both the utility it serves and the vast flavor profiles the style may carry.

Ginger, Citrus & Spice forward. 2-Row, Pilsen, Wheat, Caramel & Chocolate Malts with a noble earthy hops. Belgian blended yeast and finished for a crisp clean dryness.

“Cowboy Up”

Our Western Lager is brewed under classical Lagering conditions with a biscuit bready body complementing a traditional light crisp finish. Forged as the beer of the west with the finest ingredients and long aged on the frontier to perfection.

2-Row, Vienna with a small portion of caramel malts, combined with a classic German Lager yeast.

Our sessionable and light IPA is a modern balanced beer with purposeful history of trade and voyage. Using choice northwest hops for bittering, aroma and dry hopping, we bring that bold hoppy flavor forward without overpowering the senses.

2-Row, Biscuit, Munich and a touch of Rye malts, combined with a Alt Ale yeast and floral citrusy hops.

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